Carbon Offsets in the Climate Web

Through this page we provide you with more resources for exploring carbon offset topics in the Climate Web. Note that all of the links on this page will jump you to the corresponding spot in the Climate Web itself, which can be a bit disconcerting if you’re not familiar with the Climate Web. It’s always easy to start via our QUICKSTART thought.

Specifically with respect to carbon offsets there are several Entry Points you can take advantage of:

A few of the relevant Index Entries include:

A few of the relevant collections of sources, news and opinion, websites, and extracted materials:

The Climate Web is an open access resource, and you're free to explore all of the materials pointed to above. For more structured help in digging into a particular topic, be sure to check out

Through Topical Roadmap eBooks you'll also have access to relevant advanced Topical Dashboards, in this case including:

  • 101 Carbon Offset Headings in the Climate Web
  • 202 Aviation Sector and Carbon Offsets
  • 202 Carbon Offset Additionality
  • 202 Carbon Offset Prices
  • 202 Carbon Offset Projects
  • 202 Clean Development Mechanism Overview
  • 202 Critiques of Carbon Offsets
  • 202 Non-CO2 Offsets
  • 202 Offset Leakage
  • 202 Offset Mitigation Potentials
  • 202 Project Baseslines for Offsets
  • 202 Sectoral Baselines for Offsets
  • 303 Aviation Offsets and Deforestation
  • 303 California's Carbon Offsets

Each of these Dashboards can save you from hours to days of time exploring a topic.

These and many other materials are included in the Carbon Offsets "Slice" of the Climate Web you can purchase to start or expand your own climate change knowledge management system. You can purchase topical slices here. To jump start your climate change knowledge management system, take advantage of our FREE Climate Change Starter Brain.